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Disana Wool Covers

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Disana Wool Covers add a waterproof layer to prefolds, fitteds, or contour diapers. Wool covers are great for nighttime diapering and are the best solution for diapering a heavy wetter at night.
Why Disana Wool Covers?
  • 100% Organic Wool: natural fibers in contact with baby's skin
  • Breatheable: important for discouraging or healing diaper rashes
  • Soft: extremely fine merino wool is never itchy and irritating
  • Gentle: leaving no discomfort or red marks  
  • Leakproof Barrier: Able to absorb excess moisture without becoming wet or dampening clothes
  • Temperature Regulating: They are warm and snuggly for cold winter nights but their breatheablity prevents heat build up all year.
  • Reuse many times between washings: The lanolin in wool neutralizes urine and keeps the cover sanitary and clean smelling.
When caring for your woolen covers keep in mind that wool is an animal fiber, similar to human hair. Like our hair, gentle treatment and care keep the fibers manageable. Wool needs to be hand washed with a mild wool wash or olive oil soap. This washing doesn't need to be more than once every several weeks.  After washing the cover needs to be lanolized. Lanolin is produced by sheep's skin and is naturally found on wool. The leak-proof and dirt repelling properties of wool comes from this natural lanolin as well as adding lanolin occasionally to replenish it. When the wool cover comes in contact with urine the lanolin neutralizes it and keeps the cover clean and sanitary. The cover can be hung to dry and reused every few days. For more information read:  Caring for Wool
My (Amanda's) experience with Disana wool covers:
I was curious about wool covers from the time I started cloth diapering, they looked like such a wonderful way to pamper my new baby. The reason I took so long to try them was the care instructions sounded complicated, and I didn't think I would have the time to care for them seperately. I shouldn't have waited so long. They are now my favorite night and nap time diaper cover and I use them everyday! And I find caring for them to be even easier than my other cloth diapers. They are a bulky cover for putting on under clothing, but for around the house and sleeping they are the best.
Made in Germany
Size Disana Size Weight Age
Newborn 62/68 10-16 lbs 0-6 months
Small 74/80 15-21 lbs 6-12 months
Medium 86/92 20-32 lbs 12-24 months 
Large 98/104 31-38 lbs 2-3 years
Extra Large 110/116 37-48 lbs 3 yrs. and up
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